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Market Day at the Pre-Prep
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Shopping was the theme of the day!

Charged with R1 coins and shopping bags, the girls were on their way.


Yummy chocolate cupcakes, sherbet, chocolates and more

These edibles could not be bought in the usual store!


Fairy wands, pet rocks, stress balls, bracelets, hairbands

Potted plants, magnets, fairy houses weighted down the stands.


Manners were important they know - please and thank-you

Kept the girls in tow!


What to buy? How much does it cost?

Hang on to your shopping bags and purses - ensure they do not get lost!


The excitement rose to a buzz as the girls sold and shopped

Until the tables were bare, the girls could not be stopped!


A successful day was had by all

After tidying up the girls, teachers and parents left the hall!


The money was counted and banked:

Market day at the pre-prep was highly ranked.


Thanks to all the girls and parents who helped us

We worked well together and without much of a fuss!


The girls entrepreneurial skills were outstanding we confess:

2011 Pre-prep market day was a huge success!

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