Learning to make a difference

Pastoral Care

There is an established multi-disciplinary Academic Support Department, looking after the academic needs of the girls at the Preparatory School.
Specific assessments take place in order to investigate the learning styles the girls. Individual girls who need specialised learning support are assisted in their learning by one of two Learning Support Specialists. Special, small group, class-based lessons also take place. Programmes include the development of phonics, reading, writing, spelling and mathematics skills as well as good learning practice and study skills.

In addition, the Learning Support Team includes a group of private therapists who practise at the School on a part-time basis. These professionals include a speech and language therapist, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and individual facilitators. Speech and language therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and facilitation are offered to individual girls during the course of the school day for a prescribed fee, payable by the parents.

At Herschel, the Conflict Resolution Programme that is used is called Bounce Back. Conflict Resolution is a vital component of the Pre-Preparatory Curriculum. Dealing with conflict is an ageless problem and we believe that the sooner we prepare our girls, the better they will be equipped and able to cope in these situations.

In a happy and safe environment, and with the full involvement of all the staff, all girls, from Pre-Nursery onwards, are taught to understand their emotions and to relate to and respect the feelings of others. They are given coping strategies to deal with anger, sadness, embarrassment and frustration, and they are taught the importance of listening, and how to turn negative statements into positive ones. Learning to use language and words to describe and express their feelings empowers the girls in a positive and constructive manner.

From the youngest classes, the girls are taught to identify and recognise different emotions. The Warm Fuzzy and Cold Prickly characters are introduced in Pre-Nursery to illustrate appropriate and acceptable behaviour towards others. The girls are taught that they have power over the words they say and the appropriate actions they could take should someone be unkind to them.

Developing the leadership potential of every Grade 7 girl is central to the school’s leadership programme. The girls are offered opportunities to serve the school by utilising their individual strengths and personal preferences.

During her Grade 7 year, each girl learns that leadership comes in many different forms, and that she can contribute meaningfully in her own special way.

She may choose to be a Class Monitor, assisting the Pre-Preparatory and Junior Preparatory teachers or  she may enjoy the challenges involved in School Public Relations. She may use her leadership strengths to plan and run or assist with the Grade 7 Community Outreach projects for the year.

At the beginning of the year an initial Leadership Workshop is held to focus on the qualities required of leaders. Although the girls are expected to run their portfolios proactively, they are assisted and mentored by the Grade 7 Class Teachers and the Deputy Head.

Most of us remember the thrill of cheering for your team or your house until you are hoarse.  Under a house system, more girls can participate in events such as galas, team sports, general knowledge quizzes or eisteddfods for house points.

The house system also gives girls the opportunity to build relationships with other girls who are not in their tutor classes and the house captains assume positions of leadership.

At Herschel we have four houses, all named after the four eminent men who were present at the opening of Herschel in 1922.


Rolt is named after Reverend D Rolt, Dean of St George’s Cathedral. The house colour is yellow and the mascot is a rabbit.
Merriman is named after the Honourable J X Merriman, Minister of Education. The house colour is red and the mascot is a reindeer.
Jagger is named after our founder, the Honourable J W Jagger. The house colour is green and the mascot is a hippo.
Carter is named after William Marlborough Carter, who was Archbishop when the school was founded and a member of the first school Council.  The house colour is blue and the mascot is a lemur.

Spiritual Care

Community Service