Learning to make a difference


Herschel Preparatory has a thriving and dynamic Music Department that focuses on cultivating a passion for music. Music appreciation and movement are introduced during class music lessons across all grades. Individual instrumental tuition is offered from Grade 1-7 in a wide range of instruments and group theory classes are held daily after school. Girls are extended by participating in the various ensembles including Choir, Orchestra, Marimba Bands and more. Performance opportunities are presented various Music Workshops and concerts throughout the year. Lessons take place on our Preparatory School campus in our beautiful Desmond Loch Davis Music School.

The Art Department is housed in a sunny wing of the school, where girls receive wonderful instruction. Herschel believes that the importance of Art lies in the fact that the girls learn to see, sense and recall more. Each month we acknowledge artists from the grades and showcase their work. Art Club after school is offered for those interested.


There is plenty of opportunity for the girls to express themselves in the weekly drama classes. Through Drama the girls learn to express themselves through movement and improvisation as well as learning essential vocal techniques. The Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory School stage large productions in our own 500-seater Theatre.

Creativity is intelligence having fun – Albert Einstein



The Preparatory School has a lovely ballet studio where a professional teacher gives ballet and modern dance lessons.


We have several  thriving clubs or interest groups, such as the Eco Kids and the General Knowledge and LitQuiz teams.


Herschel Preparatory is committed to providing girls with a comprehensive sports programme with the focus on maximum participation. It is compulsory for girls to take part in both a summer and winter sport from Grade 3–7.

We believe that sport plays an integral part in the holistic development of our girls. It promotes and develops Physical Fitness and a long term healthy lifestyle. Other important skills are encouraged such as working within a team, confidence building, increased self-esteem, self-control, commitment and co-operation. With guidance from the LTAD (Long-Term Athlete Development) model, we strive to create a skills based environment with progressions towards competition when girls are ready to deal with successes and failure appropriately.

We are striving to give our young athletes the best chance of success by encouraging their individual growth, assisting them to set realistic goals and celebrating their progress. We provide athlete support in a number of ways at Herschel Prep. Some areas include a Talented Athlete Programme for Grade 6s and 7s; personalised athlete support sessions for individuals, pairs and small groups; Grade discussions on defining success, confidence, maintaining balance and team selection as well as focused support for our Sports Captains.

Herschel girls have the use of a variety of facilities which include a swimming pool, Water Polo pool, Tennis courts, Netball courts, Hockey astro-turf, Indoor Sports Centre and a multi-purpose Hall.

• A Team Swimming (U8 – U13)
• B Team Swimming (U9 – U13)
• Water Polo (U9 – U13)
• Team Tennis
• Squad Tennis
• Development Tennis

• Hockey (U9 – U13)
• Netball (U9 – U13)
• Cross Country (U8 – U13)
• Fitness Fun (U9 – U13)

Grade 1s and 2s (U7s and U8s) are taught Swimming, Tennis, Netball, Hockey and Cross Country skills once a week. The focus in these lessons is to teach the fundamental basics of each sport so each girl is afforded the opportunity to make informed decisions regarding what sport to take part in when she is older.

All Grade R–7 girls take part in Physical Education lessons. Girls are exposed to a variety of skills each week where they are encouraged to challenge themselves to progress as an individual. Each term the focus area is different. In Term 1 we focus on swimming and water fitness, stroke correction and preparation for our Interhouse Gala. In Term 3, we prepare the girls for our annual Sports Day and athletics. In other terms we focus on fitness, speed, agility, balance, fundamental ball skills, hand-eye co-ordination, basics gymnastics, core muscle strength as well as participation and enjoyment. Pupils are assessed on their own improvement and progression.