Learning to make a difference

Pastoral Care

There are around 12 girls per tutor group, and eight groups per grade. The girls meet with their tutors every morning and the relationships built in these small groups ensure that each of our girls is looked after.  Pupils also find it easier to ask for emotional support from their teachers.

We acknowledge the fact that every girl learns differently and this quote by Albert Einstein informs the philosophy behind the support we provide: ‘ Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.’

Accordingly, we provide coaching and assistance on all aspects of academic life: including time management, learning styles, learning skills, study skills, exam technique and exam concessions. Every girl is welcome and encouraged to make an appointment with the Academic Support Teacher to chat about her personal academic journey.

The Counsellor’s core function at Herschel is to provide counselling and support to the girls.  The aim is to create a safe, private space in the counselor’s office, where girls feel they can come and talk about their emotional lives and problems or difficulties they are experiencing.  These problems or difficulties cover a range of issues from relational problems, stress, anxiety, feelings of depression or sadness, various traumas and many others.  We look after the emotional lives of the girls and, where necessary,  implement interventions.  All interaction with the counselor is private and confidential.

The Careers counsellor helps girls to think about how they would like their careers to develop. She assists them with goal setting, planning their career journeys and provides them with information regarding subject choice and tertiary studies.  The school arranges various events to facilitate career exploration, such as our in-house Careers Expo as well as a Universities Evening, hosting speakers form many local and international universities. There is wide range of reading material available containing information on possible careers.

Most of us remember the thrill of cheering for your team or your house until you are hoarse.  Under a house system, more girls can participate in events such as galas, team sports, general knowledge quizzes or eisteddfods for house points.

The house system also gives girls the opportunity to build relationships with other girls who are not in their tutor classes and especially with older girls, who are house leaders.

At Herschel we have four houses, all named after the four eminent men who were present at the opening of Herschel in 1922.


Rolt is named after Reverend D Rolt, Dean of St George’s Cathedral. The house colour is yellow and the mascot is a rabbit.
Merriman is named after the Honourable J X Merriman, Minister of Education. The house colour is red and the mascot is a reindeer.
Jagger is named after our founder, the Honourable J W Jagger. The house colour is green and the mascot is a hippo.
Carter is named after William Marlborough Carter, who was Archbishop when the school was founded and a member of the first school Council.  The house colour is blue and the mascot is a lemur.

Spiritual Care

Community Service