Learning to make a difference


Herschel has a thriving and dynamic Music Department that provides many opportunities for individual and group participation. Learners can take music either as a subject or as an extramural activity. Instrumental tuition is offered on all the orchestral instruments, recorder, percussion, saxophone, piano and organ, singing and guitar. The many music ensembles (Choirs, Orchestra, Saxophone, Recorder, String and Flute Ensembles, Marimba Bands, etc.) give team performance opportunities to a cross-section of the school’s community interests. The Department has an excellent reputation for achieving high standards both academically and musically and for equipping students to excel in a wide variety of musical fields.  House events include the very popular Interhouse Singing Competition.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep” – Scott Adams

The Art department aims to enrich the life of our pupils through the ability to observe perceptively and to express effectively. Our pupils think innovatively and are not afraid to explore aesthetically. Visual Arts plays an essential role in shaping a sense of personal, social and cultural identity. It allows pupils to recognise and represent concepts and emotions, both their own and those of others.

Whilst a groundwork of technical skill is taught in Grades 8 and 9, each pupil is recognised as a specific individual and developed in her own unique direction. We encourage pupils to use a wide variety of media and stylistic approaches and one of our strengths is the variety evident in the work. There is no sense of a school style. We do not screen pupils who want to take Art on innate ability but prefer to have as our prerequisite for selecting to take the subject, a sincere passion and enthusiasm.

In Grades 8 and 9, Art can be chosen as a Core subject. Core Art covers a wide range of skills and also includes a theoretical component and is taken for the full year. Pupils in Grade 8 and 9 may also choose to take an Art Elective for a semester. The Elective courses are Practical courses and develop a specific skill such as still life painting in oil paints or designing jewellery with polymer clay.

In Grades 10 to 12 we offer Visual Arts. There are two Art Studios. The pupils become part of a progressive department that promotes individual growth within a secure but exciting environment. The wellbeing of our pupils is at the centre of all of our teaching and we aim to develop confidence and effective, responsible expression. We engage closely with the hopes and aspirations of each individual pupil.

Drama at Herschel facilitates personal and artistic growth as well as an opportunity to gain knowledge of theatre history, plays, voice and movement study. Excellent facilities, including a fully equipped Theatre and 2 drama studios, provide spacious areas for development to take place. Drama also features on the Eisteddfod programme and both the annual production and House Plays give everyone an opportunity to participate.

Herschel Girls School has a flourishing Exchange Programme for Grade 10 girls that is well-organised and very enriching for those girls who participate. The Exchange Programme has much to offer each participant. Besides developing lifelong friendships, the girls are exposed to a wealth of new experiences and cultures. The personal development of each participant is greatly enhanced by this life-changing experience.  Herschel has exchange partnerships with schools in the United Kingdom, the United States, India, The Netherlands, Australia, Chile,the Isle of Man, Spain, Argentina, Germany and Canada.

Each girl can sign up for a club or society from the wide choice on offer. This complements the classroom teaching in fostering the development of self-confidence and interpersonal relationships amongst the girls. Leadership skills are also developed as many of the clubs are managed and run by Grade 11 pupils with prefects in supporting roles.

Some of the clubs at Herschel which girls can join include the Dance Society, the Ballroom Society, the Debating Society, the Easel Club and the Hiking Club.


There is a tradition of enthusiastic participation in sport.  Some members of “The Pink Army”, as the girls in their pink sports tops are known, participate purely for the sense of well-being associated with camaraderie and teamwork, whilst others prefer to set themselves competitive goals.


Our Indoor Sports Centre allows for indoor hockey, basketball, netball and social volleyball to be played. The Centre also has 2 squash courts, while the tennis courts are across the road.

Field hockey is played on the Astroturf but netball is played on the courts adjacent to the swimming pool.  Both swimming and water polo are very popular sports.

Cross-country running is one of the strongest sports at Herschel.

For those girls who like the exercise, but do not want to compete, several sports disciplines are offered on a social level.