Herschel Girls School

An Independent Anglican School For Girls

Herschel Girls School is an independent Anglican school for girls, founded in 1922, situated on a historic campus in Claremont, Cape Town, and offering quality education from grade 000 to grade 12.

Pre-Preparatory School

For our girls to flourish, they need to be happy, safe, and always feel loved. It is therefore our aim in the Pre-Preparatory School to provide a playful environment where the girls learn and grow at their own pace. We offer a rich, developmentally appropriate curriculum to ensure well-rounded girls.

Preparatory School

We teach beyond the curriculum and emphasis is placed on the development of core skills, values and attitudes. We encourage girls to take ownership for their own learning and are proud of our tradition of excellence and academic rigour. 

Senior School

With our introduction of the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) curriculum, our students have undertaken this transformed curriculum with great success and; we are confident that the programme focuses both on the acquisition of knowledge and on 21st-century skills and development of attitudes and values.

Our Values and Principles

We are assembled here in love, we are united, we care for one another. The greatest lesson of all is the one that teaches us to live together, together.
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Respect for others and for ourselves is central to healthy development and growth. At the very heart of what it means to be human, respect affirms our own humanity and that of the people around us. We do everything possible to nurture awareness and social responsibility in our students and staff, prioritising understanding and honouring one another.


We strive to create a school environment in which each member of the community can be exactly who they are. This means embracing our true and authentic selves, and living in alignment with our personality, values and principles. We congregate around interests, causes and topics which matter to us, and embrace our thriving community. 


It is our belief that we need to be kinder to ourselves and kinder to those we live, play and work with. We are helpful, hospitable, neighbourly and philanthropic, and are committed to making the world a better place. 

Equality & Equity

It is important to us that all staff and students at our school feel that they are equal in every possible way. We strive to be intentional and accountable in all we say and do to ensure that a sense of belonging is enjoyed by all. We do our best to create a supportive and safe environment for students, staff members and parents alike. Diversity and differences are celebrated here, and the utmost care is taken to ensure opportunity is enjoyed by all. Whilst accolades and achievements are important to us, we aim to celebrate all, including those of character and conscience.


Empathy is an important value in cultivating understanding, awareness and gratitude. We encourage our community to acknowledge the many issues which afflict our society. It is our aim to cultivate an understanding of how to relate to and support each other in meaningful and respectful ways.


Integrity underpins everything we do, providing a strong moral compass and a sense of accountability. This means taking ownership of our words and actions, and demonstrating strength of character. We like to call it ‘grit and grace’. This means that regardless of the pressures or challenges life throws at us, we remain responsible, truthful and committed to resolving things together. 

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