Farewell Miss Tanna Blumberg

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Farewell Miss Tanna Blumberg

Dear Tanna I am saying goodbye to you as Director of Rolt and as a colleague. Tanna, or Tan Tan, as Pam affectionately calls you. Your youthful energy was tangible from the day you arrived at Herschel. There was much excitement around a young teacher joining the English department. Your classes and tutees felt assured from the onset. Your warmth and natural empathy made you an outstanding tutor. It was always more important to you to ‘engage’ with your tutees, even if it meant I needed to remind you to do your Engage –  for that Tanna I thank you. Your tutees were seen and heard.

You fostered several special pockets of friendships – Jannie was devastated when you stopped smoking but you still accompanied him on his smoke breaks for chats. Your friends Feroza, Adebe and Bevan are certainly going to miss all the lively conversations. We are going to miss our lunchtime chats on dating, nails and families and more serious life matters too.

As an English teacher, Tanna you are an intelligent, creative teacher –thorough in your preparation and your pupils always felt completely prepared.

I can say so much more, but then, what is more important than the voices of your pupils.

I have so much I could say about Ms. B and how amazing and impactful she has been in my life. But for now, all I’ll say is Ms. Blumberg has truly been the best part of everyday no matter what, she never failed to bring her genuinely warm and loving energy to every lesson and that is why her room is a safe space for so many of her students. – Phelo Tima

From the moment I had you as my teacher, English classes became a lot more exciting. You had the ability to make everyone in the classroom feel free of judgment. I knew I could always be myself in your lessons and that provided me with comfort and confidence. Thank you for all the patience you had with our class; I know we weren’t the easiest. I wish you all the best with your future, I am sure you will find success in whatever you do! – Neave Maloney

Ms. Blumberg has made my last two years at Herschel so incredibly special. She has been nothing but caring and helpful toward our English class and our tutor group. She manages to make lessons so much more enjoyable and has the ability to make every person in her class feel seen and included, which means so much. – Kenya Thamm

Ms. B, you have facilitated some of the most enlightening discussions, taught us in the most interesting and engaging ways, and made every lesson one to look forward to. You are a truly supportive, kind, and genuine person and I am so grateful to have had you as my teacher. – Salma Moosa

School Song

We are assembled here in love,
We are united, we care for one another.
The greatest lesson of all is the one
That teaches us to live together, together.

Everyone’s a spark and in the night
Together we make a light, a fire burning bright
Ad Dei Gloriam; Inkosi mayibongwe:
To the glory of our God: this is what we believe.

In times of trouble we support
Our fellows; we are taught to be there for our friends.
And all around us, there will be
That special unity, that binds us all together.

If we come back after many years,
We will think fondly of the things that we remember,
And the friends that we made then,
These will be friends forever, forever.

By Thandi Siebert, Head Girl 1993